Unicode Character "𑾰" U+11FB0 Lisu Letter Yha

Unicode Version 15.1



The unicode character "𑾰" at code point U+11FB0 is Lisu Letter Yha. It is a character in the Lisu Supplement block and is part of the Lisu script. The character is an other letter. The UTF-8 encoding of "𑾰" is 0xF0 0x91 0xBE 0xB0 and the UTF-16 encoding is 0xD807 0xDFB0.

General Properties

Code Point U+11FB0
Version Added 13.0
Name Lisu Letter Yha
Block Lisu Supplement
General Category Other Letter
Canonical Combining Class Not Reordered
Bidirectional Class Left To Right


HTML Decimal Encoding 𑾰
HTML Hex Encoding 𑾰
UTF-8 Encoding 0xF0 0x91 0xBE 0xB0
UTF-16 Encoding 0xD807 0xDFB0
UTF-32 Encoding 0x00011FB0
C/C++/Java Escape \ud807\udfb0

Unicode Properties

NFC Quick Check Yes
NFD Quick Check Yes
NFKC Quick Check Yes
NFKD Quick Check Yes
Numeric Type None
Numeric Value NaN
Line Break Alphabetic
Script Lisu
Script Extensions Lisu
Indic Syllabic Category Other
ID Start Yes
XID Start Yes
ID Continue Yes
XID Continue Yes
Alphabetic Yes
Vertical Orientation Rotated
Grapheme Base Yes
Grapheme Cluster Break Other
Word Break Alphabetic letter
Sentence Break OLetter